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Renga Five, LLC is a premier, full-service technology agency. We build web applications to serve client back-office, eCommerce, and business automation needs.

Many Renga Five creative and technical solutions generally fall into the following categories:

   Internet Applications
   Extranet Applications
   Document Generation Tools
   Content Management Systems
   Business Process Automation
   Graphic Design
   Search Engine Optimization

Get in touch with us and we can discuss how technology can help your business.

Learn to harness the power of web/database applications.

Web Applications are fast becoming the preferred method for highly customizable, Internet-based solutions centered on customer requirements. Utilizing the Web gives your employees universal access to data, while taking advantage of secure transactions to guarantee integrity. Applications accessible by Internet connected devices deliver the power of the world's universal network to your employees, business partners, customers, suppliers and contractors.

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • eCommerce
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • ASP
  • MS SQL
  • XML
  • Photoshop/Graphics
  • JavaScript
TullulhaMailer 1.0

Graphic Design is key to site "stickiness", which is why we strive to match your company's profile with cutting edge imaging. Generating interest in your services or products is only one piece of enticing customers. Good design speaks without words.

We associate ourselves with some of the most talented graphic artists in the business. Renga Five can bring your web vision to life online in a timely, cost-effective, and uncomplicated manner.

Standard Web Design Package
Customized Bulletin Board Install/Config
Customized Blog Install/Config

Database Development, in addition to Web Applications and Interface, is another important component of your Web site. We can take all of the data you will need and make the most efficient use of it in Web accessible databases. Combined with scripting and programming technologies, databases can be integrated with the design of your site to make a fully robust Web site to meet your needs.

Database Development: SQL programming, support of MySQL, MS SQL 2000, Access 2000, hosted solutions.

Our staff has experience with 56K, ISDN, xDSL, and T1/T3 technologies. If you need to bring your office into the 21st century, we can build and install a network custom designed for your needs. Need to house your own Web site but don't need us to design it? We can set up your DNS and Web server. Need a proxy server to control Internet access? Let us install a gateway. Need an upgrade on all your employee's desktop applications? Let us upgrade everyone to Office 2002. Let us know how we can help you at your location. We provide all manner of network and software support, network management, network architecture and maintenance, roll-outs and upgrades, wireless solutions and applications, remote management, maintenance, and troubleshooting. We work with Windows, UNIX and Mac OS.

Your Web site may be the final piece of your puzzle, or, it may be the only piece, depending upon your needs. In addition to the development, we can manage your Web site, DNS, and email needs.

  • Web Hosting (Win2K, Linux)
  • Database Hosting (MS SQL, Access, MySQL)
  • SSL
  • eCommerce
  • POP3 email
  • SMTP email
  • Web email

  • Artist Merchandising
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Catalogs
  • Corporate Identity Packages
  • Flash Animation
  • Interactive CD-ROM/DVD Authoring
  • Letterhead
  • Logo Creation
  • Photography
  • Print Design