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Our web site design services are specially tailored to meet the goals of a company wishing to quickly bring online an attractive, useful and professional looking web site.

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If you contract Renga Five, LLC to construct a web site design package, you will receive a web site designed to suit your company and industry. In addition to the standard graphics, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS that makes up a web site, you will also receive a form mail script so browsers may contact you. Additionally you will receive a form to collect information about users that you may store online and view later through the administrative control panel.

Web site design includes:

  • Front page design
  • New logo or logo integrated with new design
  • Sub page templates
  • Up to 10 pages of content
  • Unified style across the site
  • 1 mail script form
  • 1 client contact collection form, with email database
  • Session-based login to administrative control panel
  • Access to view/delete/edit info submitted by web users
  • Verification of email address before submission to database
  • Ability to send out mass emails to database of collected email address