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A blog is a website for which an individual or a group generates text, photographs, video, audio files, and/or links, typically but not always on a daily or otherwise regular basis. The term is a shortened form of weblog. Authoring a blog, maintaining a blog or adding an article to an existing blog is called "blogging". Individual articles on a blog are called "blog posts", "posts", or "entries". The person who posts these entries is called a "blogger".

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Starting at $500, you can receive a customized blog design, installation, configuration, and 1 year of hosting of your own personal domain with your own unique web address.


Standard Web Design Package
Customized Bulletin Board Install/Config
Customized Blog Install/Config















Get on board the latest internet publishing crazy - blogging. Contact Renga Five today to find out what kind of blog would be best for you.

Personal Blog - Let the world know what you think. Keep an online journal. Talk about your wedding, holidays, family, or anything that interests you!

Photo Blog - Create online photo albums. Use the security feature, so only your family, friends and colleagues can view them. Great for weddings, projects, parties and travel

Family Blog - Keep your family connected. Easily post exciting events, pictures and share life stories. You can even let the kids have a page. Keep a secure family address list. Post family news and read their comments!

Community Blog - Get your club online. Post team schedules. Keep meeting minutes online. List community activities and events. Great for church groups, sports clubs, and social groups.

Business Blog - Open a dialogue with your customers and create an interactive newsletter. Share links to interesting articles or stories. Let the industry know where you stand. Supplement your traditional site by using a blog and build rapport with your customers.

Internal Employee Portal Blog - Store company information in one area for your staff. Share ideas and projects. Let each department have their own area. Create secure folders that only your employees can access.

You may find a sample customized installation of a blog at this site designed by Renga Five: http://www.philadelphiasyndicate.com/