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"Ed is very thorough and
always exceeds my expectations."

Kate Laepple
Hotel Obligado, Board Member

A Renga is a series of short verses linked into one long poem, composed collaboratively by a group.

Edward Hertzog is the President and COO of Renga Five, LLC, a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania registered corporation. Renga Five, LLC is a provider of Creative & Technical Solutions spanning these five interconnected market segments:

  • Web Development & Graphic Design
  • e-Marketing
  • e-Commerce
  • Web Hosting
  • Multi-Media Design
Ed was born in the Philadelphia area and attended the Pennsylvania State University. He graduated in 1997 with a BS in Political Science and minor in History. During his studies he became fascinated by the newly emerging internet and began planning a career in information technology almost immediately after receiving his first email address.

By the beginning of 1998, Ed topped off his Penn State education with a diploma in network engineering and data communications at an area technical school. His first employment opportunity following college saw him working as a Network Administrator in a New Jersey based consulting firm.

His experience continued and broadened with experiences as a Systems Administrator and Web Architect with area venture capital start-ups, before finally initiating his own entrepreneurial experiment. Ed's experience with technology - from computer hardware, to networking, systems administration, web architecture, web programming, graphic design, multi-media content, e-commerce and beyond allows for a great deal of flexibility when taking advantage of the latest web, media and marketing solutions.

After three years of continuous operation, Renga Five, LLC is profitably operating as a consulting firm with a strong focus on web programming and application development. The Renga Five, LLC client base extends from Philadelphia, to New York, California, Arizona, Florida, Massachusetts and other high-tech markets. The scores of completed projects over the past few years are now evidence of Ed's skills and determination to make his company a strong competitor in a 21st century global market place. Sub-contractors supplement Renga Five's available offerings of creative and technical solutions. Renga Five plans to continue utilizing the assistance of regional talent in 2006 in order to forge ahead on revenue growth and business expansion.

In the coming year, Renga Five, LLC will make a foray into the open-source software development market with the upcoming release of TullulhaSuite, version 1.0, a PHP/MySQL package of open-source scripts and solutions.

For more information on Renga Five, LLC and services offered, please contact us at 215.763.1449.